A hot wife gets fucked by a boy

Gina Monelli, a 42-year-old wife and mom, has her way with young Sam. She’s wearing a short, tight, red dress that hugs her pretty little body and heels. How can he resist her? He can’t. He doesn’t even bother trying. Why would he?

Mrs. Monelli is quite the cougar here, aggressively going after Sam’s cock and sucking it long and deep. She rides it hard and deep, too, and this scene is so intimate, it’s as if Gina and Sam forgot the camera was there. After giving Gina a thorough fucking in a variety of positions, he cums on her pussy.

Gina was born in Ukraine and lives in the Czech Republic. She has a happy marriage that’s been made even happier by her husband’s willingness to let his hot wife fuck total strangers for her pleasure and our viewing pleasure.

Favorite Hollywood star: George Clooney.

Dream car: Range Rover.

Panties? “Not always.”

She wants to travel more. She enjoys romantic dates. She’s a swinger and a nudist who likes “romantic, nice men and sexy girls.”

Giving a good blow job and getting a good fuck satisfies her best. Both happen here.


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