Becca Rose is shaved and ass-crammed

At 48 years old, Becca Rose has lived a very sexually adventurous life, and while her husband has filmed her many times in private, she’d never modeled like this before she came to our studio. In this scene, her scene, Becca ups the ante with a very kinky encounter. It starts conventionally enough as her date gives Becca his rod and they fuck and suck, trying out different positions. Becca’s had lots of sex and her husband encourages her to be sexual.

I climax through clitoral stimulation,” says Becca, who has a face made for facials. “Many of my encounters have been arranged or instigated by my husband. Most men are too intimidated to approach me for sex so I have practiced overcoming my natural shyness by taking the initiative on occasion. I’m passive, but I have been known to make the first move.”

The dude gets kinky on Becca when he fills her butt-hole in missionary and shaves her hair pie…at the same time! A delicate operation, for sure, shaving a pussy clean while your cock is moving between her butt cheeks. Becca is game for the kink, something she can watch at home later with her husband!

“I hope he likes it,” Becca said.

We’re sure he will. How many dudes have a wife like this?


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