Bimbo Kaya is a power fuck

The insidious power of the internet, smartphones and social media sites has Danny Steele in a trance-like state when he’s over at Bimbo Kaya‘s place. Instead of staring goggle-eyed at his phone, Danny should be staring goggle-eyed at Bimbo Kaya. She calls for him to check out her outfit but he’s frozen on her couch.

Bimbo Kaya comes over and has to tap him a few times to wake him from this technology trance. Once he sees her huge tits and soft curves, he snaps out of it and is ready to take her fleshy tits in his hands and mouth and enjoy a great time.

Bimbo Kayla drools all over his stiff dick, the spit running down her chest. He fucks her boobs after her sloppy blow job and then pounds her fur-lined pussy-hole until he shoots his precious bodily fluids into her waiting mouth. With the power of her massive breasts and tight kitty, the fucktoy goodness of Bimbo Kaya has rescued this tech-wretch from high-tech tyranny.

Danny can’t thank Bimbo Kaya enough for his freedom.

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