Cindy Cupps, a vivacious stripper nurse, captivates the attention of her audience

Well, well, well, let me spill the beans on a particular chick, a one of a kind stripper, or more appropriately, our very own naughty nurse. Just click your way to here and you’re in for a tantalizing treat of Cindy Cupps. Want to get a sneak peek first? Alright then, we’ve got you covered. Glide your eyes on  to feast your senses on some serious eye candy.

Now let’s get up close and personal with Cindy, as she shares some inside scoop about her life. “For some peculiar reason, guys rarely toss any raunchy questions my way,” she revealed to us one balmy afternoon. You’d be surprised, they’re quite interested in the mundane details, like how big are her assets? Is her beauty sleep disturbed by the weight of those curves? Is everything real? You betcha! They’re always pestering her with these sort of questions, boys will be boys, huh?

However, let’s get one thing straight fellas, dating strippers is no piece of cake. A lot of assumptions come with the territory and they can indeed rattle up some relationships. “A good amount of guys develop a problem with their girlfriends dancing for another bloke, it’s hard to digest for them,” Cindy explicitly states. Her golden rule? Never mix business with pleasure. She’s witnessed enough failed love stories between fellow dancers, bouncers, DJs and even club owners to know better. Interestingly, Cindy doesn’t fit the typical adult entertainer’s mold. She’s more of a low-key lass. “I’ve always been the center of attention, but never liked it much. Even now, I prefer to avoid any unnecessary spotlight. I’m not one to get swoon over all that materialistic jazz that guys throw at me to woo me,” she quips nonchalantly. Intrigued by our sassy stripper nurse? Get even more of Cindy Cupps at SCORECLASSICS.COM by clicking here! You won’t be disappointed!

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