Danger! Stephanie Stalls is highly flammable!

Stephanie Stalls is dressed to make a deep impression. Would she wear that very hot outfit on a date?

“It depends on where we’re going! But I do like to wear cut-off shorts, tank tops, mini-skirts and heels. With these girls, I usually wear a bra all the time. I like form-fitting clothes,” said Stephanie, an award-winning feature dancer. That’s right. When a girl’s got it, she ought to flaunt it. Okay, so now we know how Stephanie will dress and it sounds good. What does she do for fun?

“I like a man who’ll wine and dine me and treat me like a lady. He should be intelligent, not be arrogant or mean, have a sense of humor and take care of me but not control me. Good manners is important to me. Opening doors and smiling that smile. I’m an old-fashioned girl in that way.” When she can, she likes to go horseback riding, drive ATVs and motorcycles and go waterskiing. The total action girl. Kentucky is a good place to do all of that. And there are lots of outdoor spaces for her to have fast and furious quickies too.

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