Demora Avarice and her incredible breasts

“I am a size U.S. 34O, but that’s going to be changing soon,” Demora Avarice told us when we first interviewed her. And that did change. She’s following her dream.

Demora tells us her bra size is now 34R or S in the US or 34LL by the UK sizing system. It’s absolutely incredible, especially since Demora is only 4’11”. You’ll now be seeing her fantastic pair in a creamy breast massage. Demora’s gent is truly a lucky man who has his hands full in this photo shoot.

Demora has a vision of a spectacular body type that she enjoys for herself, and she says that vision happens to have large breasts. She loves her boobs, and we’ll bet you love them too.

SCORE magazine editor Dave wrote in issue Volume 31 Number 1, “Demora reminds us of Chaz, the British model from the early 2000s whose boobs were so big, they hid her little waist.”

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