Everything you wanted to know about Crystal Chase

SCORELAND: How does a guy impress you?

Crystal Chase: Pay attention to the little things. Anyone can remember the big things but if you remember little things or small key details, I’ll adore you forever.

SCORELAND: Will you have sex on a first date?

Crystal Chase: I’m down depending on the chemistry. I try to keep my good girl always showing and kinda push them away for fun. There have been times where the chemistry was so intense I couldn’t wait to get my hands all over them.

SCORELAND: What makes you feel sexy?

Crystal Chase: I like wearing really sexy lingerie and dolling myself up. I like to wear form-fitting clothing but still semi-modest. I usually dress modestly. It’s just something about being the only one knowing what’s underneath.

“Crystal is a teen with many different looks and one great pair of tits,” wrote Voluptuous magazine editor Dave in Crystal’s debut pictorial (Volume 29 Number 3).

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