Leona Loba is the She-wolf of XL Girls

Leona Loba is a first-time model at XLGirls. She’s never been photographed before. Leona and her husband are members, and he encouraged his wife to contact us.

Leona explains that in Spanish her name Leona means lioness and Loba is a female wolf. She loves group sex and going to strip clubs. She also enjoys watching people get it on. In her chat with the photographer, Leona recalls one of her wild adventures, going to the glory hole room of one club to suck off 14 cocks and get covered in cum. And after that, Leona was fucked for about three hours by a line-up of men, one bang at a time.

So, Leona’s favorite hobby is going with her husband to sex clubs to get gang-banged or suck and jack anonymous cocks in the glory hole rooms. She loves bukkakes and gang bangs.

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