Swinging 64-year-old blonde

“My family and vanilla friends would be shocked to see me here,” said 64-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Leah L’Amour. “My swinger friends are going to love it.”

You’re going to love seeing Leah, one of our hottest GILFs ever, stripping out of a bikini that looks great on her, showing off her big tits, getting all wet and soapy in the bathtub and then using the shower head on her pussy. Leah, who’s from Arizona, is not shy.

“Me and my swinger friends will take an entire hotel over so we can walk around nude,” she said. “We can have sex out in the open if we choose. We have rooms where a whole bunch of people get together. We have private rooms. You can have an orgy. It all goes! But it depends on what you and your mate go for. It’s where you’re at in the lifestyle. A lot of people have been in the lifestyle for over 20 years, so they’re a little more advanced. Sometimes when people just get in, they only want to watch. They’re voyeurs or something. That’s okay, too. We don’t push anybody into doing anything.”

Leah, by the way, is one of those advanced swingers.

“It has revived our marriage so much,” she said. “We have a great marriage, but sometimes things just get a little old, stale. You’re still in love, you still have a great marriage, you’re not going anywhere. In fact, that’s the key. You need to have a really stable marriage to be able to make this work. We have sex with other people and go home and are even hotter for each other. And sometimes watching each other have sex with other people is a real turn-on.”

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