The scarlet red color is exceptionally vibrant in the intensely breastacular design

Have you heard of Scarlet Red? She’s nothing short of “breastacular.” The very first time we laid our eyes on her photos that she sent over to, we were completely flabbergasted. And why wouldn’t we be? With tan-lined and heavy natural breasts that demand a 36H-cup bra for support, Scarlet is a sensation indeed.

“Finding the right bra is a struggle,” Scarlet says, “Balconette-style bras are my personal favorite, but finding them in my size is a real test.” As simple as it sounds, Scarlet has to order bras online and keep her fingers crossed, hoping they fit her right. Even at home, she keeps the bra on. However, when it’s time to hit the sack, she lets it all hang loose. An interesting contrast, isn’t it?

But Scarlet is not just about her breasts; there’s much more to this lady. In fact, she’s quite the creative soul. When she’s not busy giving us a visual treat, she keeps herself occupied making jewelry and ornaments out of polymer clay. “I’m a creative person,” says Scarlet. “Making things with my hands gives me joy.” Apart from her creative pursuits, Scarlet also enjoys traveling and reading. But let’s not forget – when it boils down to it, she is more than comfortable playing with her enormous treasure chest too, even licking her fingertips afterwards to taste her own sweet nectar. Her audacity is absolutely delightful, wouldn’t you agree?

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