Victoria Vale is a super-stacked SCORE gal

Victoria Vale‘s bikini scene compelled a member to comment, “I have to say this is one of my favorite scenes of all time. Vicky Vale’s tits are just perfect.”

Another Victoria fan commented, “Victoria Vale has some of the biggest and the best tits at SCORE today. I’d like to see her and Ricki Raxxx team up in a hypothetical Mega-Boob Olympics 2. Wouldn’t that be a sight!”

We caught up with Victoria to pay our compliments and have a conversation to accompany this photo shoot.

SCORELAND: Victoria, what is something you have tried, but will never do again?

Victoria Vale: No sex for a month! [Laughs]

SCORELAND: When you are out in public, do people ask if they can take a photo with you?

Victoria Vale: I had it happen once when I was at a work convention.

SCORELAND: What’s your favorite way to satisfy a guy in bed?

Victoria Vale: It depends on what he is into. I love to please!

SCORELAND: That’s apparent in your boy-girl scenes. How important is cock size to you?

Victoria Vale: Very.

SCORELAND: What makes you orgasm the hardest?

Victoria Vale: I love dirty talk.

SCORELAND: What’s your least favorite position?

Victoria Vale: I don’t have one.

SCORELAND: Do you like sex in mirrored bedrooms?

Victoria Vale: Yes! So sexy!

SCORELAND: Have you ever had an orgasm from breast stimulation?

Victoria Vale: Yes, especially if I’m being stimulated in other ways as well.

SCORELAND: Would you describe your sexiest fantasy?

Victoria Vale: Multiple well-hung guys at the same time.

SCORELAND: What is the most unusual position you’ve ever tried?

Victoria Vale: Reverse cowgirl on a sex swing. Challenging!

SCORELAND: Do you rub lotion on your breasts daily or nightly?

Victoria Vale: Yes! Every single day without fail!

SCORELAND: Are there any SCORE Girls you would consider doing a girl-girl scene with?

Victoria Vale: Of course! Too many to list! I would love to shoot with BrittanyXOXO [Brittany Elizabeth], Victoria Lobov, Ricki Raxxx, Dolly Fox, Karen Fisher. So many incredible SCORE Girls!

SCORELAND: If you could do a threesome with a man and another SCORE Girl, who would the other girl be?

Victoria Vale: That’s so tough to decide! Any of the ladies I mentioned before, and I would add my porn favorites; Ava Devine and Alura Jenson.

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