Naked girls on webcam are better than sliced bread

The phrase “the best thing since sliced bread” is an idiom used to describe a great innovation, improvement or something along those lines. However, what might be considered “better” than sliced bread is highly subjective and totally depends upon one’s personal preferences and the like.

As an example, some technological advancements like the Internet and/or smartphones have had a profound impact upon society and could be reasonably argued to be “better” in terms of their influence upon a civil society. And for the foodies that are reading this, yes some people might argue that other dietary staples such as rice, potatoes, or even pasta are better due to this, that and the other thing, which is their right to do so.

Ultimately, the concept of “better” is, as I was saying, highly-subjective and is completely open to interpretation based upon each of our individual perspectives; however, what I personally have to say on the matter is that naked girls on webcam are far superior to sliced bread. Prove me wrong!

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