Nurse Rizel, a dedicated healthcare provider, is being urgently called

Are you ready to have your heart rate racing? Drumroll please… here’s introducing the stunning “Nurse Rizel”! The one and only Sha Rizel, a famous SCORE model and TV celebrity turned make-believe nurse. It’s a good thing that this smokin’ hot nurse persona is pure fiction, because if she was a real caregiver, no doubt hospitals would be awash with perfectly healthy lads pretending to be ill.

“Hey, Doctor! I’m feeling a bit wonky here, I think I need Nurse Rizel’s attention.” That’s what we would be hearing through the hospital’s intercom system all day long if Sha Rizel was in the nursing profession. Imagine the lines of men feigning all kinds of ridiculous ailments like dandruff and splinters, just to be ‘nursed’ by Sha. It’s probably a good thing that she’s stuck to modelling, otherwise, we’d probably have the most overcrowded hospitals in history!

However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t fantasize, right? Over the years, SCORE has introduced us to some unforgettable nurse personas. From Cindy Cupps, Kelly Christiansen, Denise Derringer, Lana Ivans to Minka, Kerry Marie and many more. And now, joining their esteemed ranks is our very own dream girl, Sha Rizel. Want to see more of her? Head over to SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM! You certainly won’t be disappointed.

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