Aly Guzman's super soaker is incredibly powerful

Aly Guzman is known for her love of the outdoors and famously has a penchant for a certain super soaker toy. We were lucky enough to provide Aly with the perfect location – a secluded and posh hideaway featuring a stunning pool. This spot afforded her all the privacy she needed to really let loose and play to her heart’s content. Interestingly, Aly doesn’t seem to have much interest in keeping her swimsuit on for any significant length of time, to say the least.

Once the swimsuit’s off, Aly doesn’t bother with half measures or coy games. She freely and proudly flaunts every inch of her liberated skin with an air of provocative confidence. Let’s just say if she ever graced a wet tee-shirt contest with her incredible assets, the other contestants wouldn’t waste much time dwelling on their inevitable defeat. Another thing about Aly – she isn’t averse to the admiration of men. In fact, she seems to positively relish it.

In one unforgettable moment, Aly adapts a risqué pose to spread her rear cheeks, and then straightens up to tease with some self-play. She then saunters over to a nearby couch, hinting at the next phase of her mischief. Warming herself up with some manual fondling, Aly prepares for the introduction of a robust dildo. After moistening it up, she plunges it into her pussy while teasingly playing with her nipples. Her movements grow progressively bold as she grinds and bounces on the toy, hands-free. Aly then changes her position to further increase the tempo of her self-love session. It’s clear Aly takes pleasure in every moment of her solo show. Its climax is quite spectacular when a geyser of girl juice soaks her thighs leaving Aly striking an accomplished pose to proudly showcase her statuesque figure before heading towards the pool.

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