As a married woman, I intriguingly enjoy being intimate with men other than my husband

Well, folks, let me introduce you to Krissy Rose. She’s a wife, an amateur model, and a cam-girl, living it up in the always bustling Las Vegas. Krissy and her husband are quite a pair, living the alternative lifestyle, you see. I was surprised to learn that she lost her cherry to him and that even now that they’re hitched, she enjoys the company of other men. Mr. Rose, on the other side of the coin, is perfectly fine with his wife’s little hobby. It’s a peculiar twist on marriage that always leaves me shocked–these men who openly encourage their wives to be with other guys and don’t have a strand of jealousy. Others who have walked this non-traditional path include Kelly Christiansen, Ingrid Swenson, Barbie Kelley, Jayden Prescott, and Holly Halston.

Take a second to imagine Krissy. Green eyes that hold a mischievous glint, brunette locks that fall perfectly around a beautiful face, and F-cup bust with pierced nipples. This tempting vision of Krissy started entertaining her fantasies when she hit her late 20s. She loves to flounce around in barely-there outfits, pose for some naughty photos and clips, entertain others on webcam, and even attend the occasional live swinger event.

A scene that sticks in my mind involves a man named Sergio. He’s got his face firmly planted between Krissy’s ample bosom and is working magic with his tongue on her pierced love tunnel. Krissy herself is on her knees, lips wide open to accommodate him. The thing you gotta love about professionals like Krissy and other daring women like Naughty Alysha is their willingness to experiment. They won’t whimper about aching muscles while getting into the kinkiest of positions; instead, they glorify their wildness. The anticipation of a cream injection into her open sweet spot seems to be Krissy’s biggest turn-on. And who are we to judge? After all, she’s just a woman following her desires, unafraid of societal shackles.

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