Blake Emerald, a radiant woman, is featured in Oiled & Showered

You’re about to witness an interesting spectacle – you just need to follow the link. It’s called “Blake Emerald: Oiled & Showered”. Intrigued yet? This isn’t your regular afternoon activity, no siree! Here’s a sneak peak: imagine the luscious Blake Emerald, her voluptuous body doused in baby oil, embracing the outdoor breeze. You’ve seen nothing like it, I promise!

Now, hold onto your horses because the ride’s not over yet! Blake then heads for a shower but, of course, it’s not just any shower – it is a sensual experience in itself. While in there, she indulges in some self-satisfaction and boy, is it a sight to behold! Now, you might wonder how Blake found herself here. Well, she learned about The SCORE Group from none other than Codi Vore. Trust me, the story only gets spicier from here on out.

Blake herself doesn’t shy away from adventurous endeavors. She admits that she likes to play with girls. In her own words, “I identify as bisexual and am definitely turned on by other women.” She has been fingered by a girl before. But when it comes to guys, she’s still waiting. When asked about losing her virginity to a man, Blake cheekily announces that she’s keeping her cherry safe until she’s ready for the “cock”. Curious for more? I bet you are! So why not check out more of Blake Emerald at XLGIRLS.COM? It’s one click away from making your day way more…interesting.

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