Breaking in new pornstar Katrina ColtYes, sweet brunette chick Katrina Colt is still in her inaugural year in the porn industry, so one could say that she’s still in her breaking in phase. However, that will cum come to an end sooner, or later, and if one wants to go by what Katrina did to this big white cock, during the course of a POV handjob, then sooner is going to cum come a whole later quicker than later. To understand why this should be…please stay tuned…because some things in life are worth being patient about. 😉

Okay, it is time to reward you for your patience, as that is how we roll around here. So, here is the link to watch new pornstar Katrina Colt jerk off a big white cock.

P.S. Personally, I think that Katrina’s breaking in is over.

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