Cami is having a significant try-outs for big bras

Oh, buckle up, because it’s time for some serious bra fitting session! The spotlight is on none other than the spectacular Cami Cooper, who’s all set to dazzle us with her big bra try-outs. Now let’s step into the bedroom where all the magic happens. Just imagine a collection of bras, waiting to be slipped on to Cami’s lavish 38G knockers! Her generous bosom is so flexible, she can easily suck and kiss them, leaving delightful lipstick smears on her nips.

Think about how fun it would be to accompany Cami on her adventurous bra hunts. Although she likes to keep things flirtatious, she won’t step over the line to self-pleasure in the dressing room, unless she wishes to put on a cheeky show for a friend. In a back-and-forth with XLGirls, Cami revealed how she loves flaunting her twins, but not in an outrageous way that will turn heads. After all, she’s also a mom and just wants to look good when stepping out in public.

But guess what? Getting the right bra isn’t a big fuss for Cami, thanks to T-shirt bras that she can easily pick off the rack at Lane Bryant. XLGirls asked Cami whether the girls were always this big, to which Cami chuckled and confessed to having an ample chest since she was 13, which only grew after having kids. As for her relationship with her twins? They’re best buds without a doubt! When probed if they had names, Cami laughingly replied that she simply calls them “The Girls.”

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