Flowers for the lovely Sofie Perez

“I’d like to work at one of the big theme parks after I graduate, but I’m guessing that being naked in a men’s magazine is a no-no as far as those companies are concerned,” said Sofie. “Well, that’s too bad, ’cause I promised my boyfriend that I’d pose for him, and he’s more important to me than a job right now. We’ve been together for ages, and I’ve had way more sex with him than with the guys before him. I only go for comfy, cuddly sex in a big bed,” she said. “I’m not gonna do it standing up somewhere or in the back of a car! You probably think I’m old-fashioned about that, but that’s too bad. I like lots of kissing and touching and rubbing before we get into sex, and the heavy stuff should start with you eating me out. Once I’ve cum that way, I’ll be all wet and ready to have sex in any position that you suggest. I can’t always cum during sex, but if you got me off good before that, I won’t mind and you can do your thing till you pop your load.”

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