Kitty Cute is a sexy blonde

In the words of a former TSG editor, “All girls fuck. But not all girls will fuck with a camera rolling.” He said that 20 years ago. Here is yet another example that patience is the key to getting the on-camera fuck and proof that girls move at their own speed and when the feeling is right. if they feel they’re ready to try hardcore, they’ll move forward. Kitty Cute is a girl we thought we’d never see fucking.

A really big door opened when The Cute One made the decision to shoot sex scenes with porn studs. Kitty is the first of her Romanian girlfriends, Roxanne Miller and Mia Sweetheart, as well as On Location North Coast companions, Erin and Helen Star, to have sex with guys on-camera.

Kitty is occupied with taking selfies when horndog Perry Layne comes into the room and catches Kitty in the act. He sits next to Kitty and makes himself comfortable. Taking the phone, he begins playing photographer and snapping Kitty. We’d do the same thing. Kitty responds to the picture taking. Soon enough, Kitty’s eyes light up and she’s showing off her fantastic tits.

Perry moves in and touches Kitty’s breasts, then buries his face between them. He pulls his pants down to show Kitty what she’s done to him. Taking his stiff joint in hand, Kitty fondles it and sticks it between her boobs. Perry fucks Kitty’s tits and helps her get naked. She lies back for more tit-fucking and then opens her legs so Perry can drive his cock into Kitty’s kitty. She’s come a long way, baby.

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