Mary, with her delicate hands, gently takes some deliciously smooth sour cream

Listen up, boys, we’re about to spill some tea here. You see, getting a shot at a feisty girl’s attention isn’t a rare occurrence for a guy, especially if the belle he’s got his sights set on is drop-dead gorgeous from every angle like this New York chick Mary Jean. But the quirk about Mary? You’ve got to bring some tantalizing tacos if you want to dive headfirst into her world, or rather, her taco. “Tacos are the golden keys to my heart, and pants,” Mary once told us nonchalantly over guac and nachos. “They’re like the yin to my yang, soulmates if you will, I’ll even ring up my booty calls and demand they deliver tacos pronto!”

Athletes often go on about the vital role of a pre-game feast, but did you know that Mary Jean treats her pre-hookup meals with equal reverence? We can only assume she must have indulged in some five-star taco fare before this filmed scene. With her bountiful curves popping out of her seductive little red dress, she performed one of the sultriest shows we’ve ever documented in tandem with our fellow Mirko Steel. She ecstatically slobbers over Mirko’s elongated rod using those impeccable lips of hers just to kick things off. “Oh god, that feels heavenly there,” she moans, eyes sparkling with exhilaration. “Take that. Take it all.”

A hot few minutes into the action and bam! Mary Jean climaxes in a burst of euphoria – a feat that barely anyone could claim to achieve so quickly. After that first mind-blowing climax, she spins around and does a reverse cowgirl on our boy, repeating the explosive climax more than once. Charging forward with equal intensity, Mirko switches on beast mode and dominates Mary Jean doggy-style for a stretch before he delivers his final serving of creamy jizz on her alluring visage. If Mary Jean’s love for tacos is any indication, she must have quite the fondness for the taste of sour (man) cream.

Now boys, don’t forget to check out more of Mary Jean’s tantalizing adventures at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM! Trust me; you wouldn’t want to miss out on her delicious escapades.

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