Tattooed redhead Sophia Locke tugs a dick for work
Yes, Sophia Locke has red hair and some colourful tattoos as well, but it is her eagerness to strip buck naked and jerk on a dick for a chance to land her dream job that is truly appealing about Sophia, at least in my books it is. I mean, it’s not every girl that will ditch her clothing and tug on your dick to get the job; however, this is no ordinary job — being that the work does include jacking off the boss, to keep his stress levels under control, and it does pay 950k per year too boot, so perhaps that factors into Sophia’s thinking?

Of what Sophia’s thoughts about the situation truly are, we may never know. However, we can watch Sophia Locke jerk her prospective employer’s cock, which should suffice. 😉

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