The adventurous Angel embarks on a journey with the infamous bad men

Oh, look what we’ve got here! “Angel & The Bad Men” they call it. The intriguing tale of a dazzling lady named Angel Wicky and a couple of chaps with questionable intentions. Brace yourselves folks, because this is not your everyday bedtime story. You might want to pop over to this link if you fancy a look at these intriguing characters.

Angel Wicky, an art dealer who’s got curves in all the right places and a face that could launch a thousand ships, is attempting to sell a painting to a couple of men. But these gents seem to have a different kind of art in mind for Angel. As Angel points out the features of the painting, leaning over one of the guys seated on the couch, it becomes clear that she knows how to sell more than just artwork. You see, Angel has the unique ability to inspire… shall we say, artistic expression of a different sort.

Before you can say “van Gogh”, these two rascals are all over Angel like ants on a sugar cube. Starting with her generously proportioned chest, they swiftly undress her, clearly interested in the ‘art’ beneath her clothes rather than the one on display. As Angel drops to her knees, each fellow grasps a breast as though it’s their own personal masterpiece. And then, oh boy, things really start to heat up!

Angel, not one to shy away from multitasking, expertly manages both men — one in each delicate hand. All while balancing precariously on knee-high heels. How’s that for talent? As one lad gets busy with her front, another sneaks up from behind. While she’s kept busy at both ends, Angel’s shoes slip off and she positions herself over one of the guys, making herself comfortable enough for what’s about to come next.

Soon enough, Angel is in the center of an intimate tango, moving with the rhythm of the two men. Living up to her name, Angel truly is an angel. An angel who knows how to handle two bad men with a devilish gleam in their eyes.

And if you’re itching to see more of this risqué trilogy unfold, just head over to ANALQTS.COM. Who knew art dealing could be this entertaining?

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