A large rooster is available for the lady with an impressively large posterior

There’s an intriguing lady named Lori Suarez who hails from the sun-kissed city of Miami, Florida. Peculiarly, she is the type of woman who has never thrust that quintessential question upon her husband – “Does this dress make my derriere look too large?” For Lori, her curvaceous rear is the pièce de résistance, the pivotal point of attraction. See, we were drawn to her because of that ample posterior coupled with her Latina sassiness. And frankly, no, her dress in this video doesn’t exaggerate the bigness of her rear. It underscores its immensity. Why? Because Lori’s behind is epically large.

In a cozy environment, Lori is seen lounging on the couch alongside a young man named Johnny. An age gap lays between them – Lori is a ripe 50 while Johnny is a sprightly 25. Yes, he is exactly half her age. But this difference doesn’t deter their mutual admiration society, fuelled by a shared appreciation for all things grand. Johnny has a soft spot for large rears. And Lori? She candidly admits, “I love big cocks.” Their candidness prepares us for an eventful scene where neither of them will be disappointed in their quest for big things.

Lori twists and turns onto all fours, allowing Johnny to enjoy a playful session with her abundant ass. He spanks it and plants smacking kisses on it. As Johnny revels in the jiggle festival initiated by Lori’s cheeks, she coos, “I can’t wait till you fuck me.” Eventually, they shift positions – Lori takes it upon her to pleasure him orally before they engage in an intense session on a couch that appears too tiny for both of them. After an intense round of Lori bouncing on his massive cock, the moment of climax approaches and keeps us guessing about the culmination. Where do you think Johnny unloads his pent-up desire? Your guess is as good as ours!

See all the action right here!

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