Witness Charlotte Queen, in her stunning beauty, as she undresses

Ladies and Gentlemen, intrepid internet explorers, let me introduce the stunning Charlotte Queen. In case you’ve been living under a virtual rock and haven’t heard, this busty beauty is about to make her captivating double debut in both Voluptuous Vol. 30 No. 2 and SCORE Vol. 32 No. 3. Now, I must remind you: brace yourselves as this sort of event hasn’t happened in a while. Charlotte, at the tender age of 21, boasts a firm pair that might just continue growing for another four or five years – lucky us, although she might not agree as she’s already having a tough time finding bras that fit in her blue jeans-obsessed homeland.

Our friend at SCORELAND was fortunate enough to have a chat with Ms. Queen and ask her a few things. Our nosy reporter asked, “If you could choose any word or phrase printed on your t-shirt, what would it be?” Our darling Charlotte was quick to respond, “Nothing is impossible.” Championing that attitude, Charlotte. When she was asked about her preferred clothing, she responded: “I think I look best in dresses.” For those curious night owls out there wondering how such a queen rests her royal body, she revealed, “I sleep in the fetal position.” Lastly, our bold interviewer asked, “What do you wear when you go to sleep?” To which she cheekily replied: “I sleep naked.”

Oh, you’re still here? And you want to see more of Charlotte Queen? Well, aren’t we all lucky there’s plenty of her at PORNMEGALOAD.COM right now. So why are you dawdling here reading this? Save your reading for English class and go check her out! But remember, don’t forget to keep it hush-hush. We wouldn’t want the entire school swarming the site now, would we? Now, go on. You’re welcome.

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