The radiant Felicia Clover is well-known for her prominent posterior

Do you fancy girls who cover the entire spectrum of “curvy”? Then you should meet Felicia Clover. This lovely lady is generously endowed with 34F-cup breasts and a behind so alluring and grand, it deserves to be immortalized—for instance, by the renowned, naughty toy manufacturers at Doc Johnson. No wonder one lucky lad was over the moon when he was granted unrestricted access to this stunning PAWG (Phat-Assed White Girl).

Felicia herself reckons men might lean towards admiring her bosom more than her booty, because its impressive size somewhat overshadows her posterior. However, she has had her fair share of admirers who claimed her generous breasts have the uncanny effect of making her derriere look slightly smaller. And here’s the kicker: Felicia had a one night extravaganza where she indulged in her sensual desires. Her bedfellow reveled in the delight of her moist, inviting lady parts, before proceeding to his second course: her lovely behind.

After he’d had his fill of her front, he didn’t miss a beat and quickly moved to her rear. Ms. Clover exhibited an openness not commonly seen, stretching out on her back and parting her legs wide. Her gent wasted no time in using a naughty toy to ready her backdoor for some more playtime. Once prepped, Felicia’s red-haired booty was ripe and ready for his eager manhood. Glistening from the heat of their passion play, he slid neatly into her rear passage. The pace quickened as he enjoyed the sensation, leaving us green-eyed spectators overcome with envy. What we wouldn’t give to be in his shoes, savouring such a delicious bounty!

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