In the sun-drenched Big Boob Paradise, you'll find a tiki hut situated right on the beach

Imagine yourself situated on the beach, under the shade of a tiki hut. A beach in a place known as Big Boob Paradise. Intrigued much? Well, hop over to our page to catch a glimpse of just what kind of paradise we’re talking about! Click on the picture and get ready to embark on a tantalizing journey.

In our quest to churn out content for Big Boob Paradise, we had certain objectives in mind. Primarily, we wanted to showcase models who were naturally endowed and caught the eye of both SCORE and V-men viewers. Not just that, we utilized this opportunity to bring our international models into limelight, which required us heading offshore to the Bahamas. Why you ask? Well, due to some new regulations, U.S.-based companies can’t shoot models without U.S. identification on their soil. So, to abide by these laws, we found it easier and legal to shoot non-American models like Angela, Lorna or Terry at offshore locations. Christy Marks served as an exception as she hails from Pennsylvania.

We curated a selection of superior photos from Big Boob Paradise that truly capture the essence of our mission. Starting off with the girls on the beach during the DVD’s opening sequence shoot, we move on to some fun in the sun activities back again on the beach and finally under the tiki hut. “I had the time of my life,” gushed Angela, which was quite evident indeed! If you were titillated by what you read here and want more, check out Angela White at our page for more excitement and thrill!

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