Breast royalty refers to someone who is considered extraordinarily superior or important in their field

Let me usher you into the sparkling world of Breast Royalty, a kingdom where the queens are nothing short of voluptuous. Are you ready to feast your eyes on our reigning monarch, an enchantress hailing from London? Her name is Leanne Crow. We’ve captured her stunning image during a pleasurable voyage to the balmy Caribbean, a picture-perfect backdrop for such aristocracy! Leanne is the latest darling to brighten our SCORE universe, and she brings with her more than just her radiant curves.

Leanne is a woman of many talents, you see. Apart from commanding attention with her impressive 34J’s, she enjoys engaging in singing, acting and writing. She was once a cheerleader in her younger days and also dabbled in netball, a sport akin to basketball in Britain. It’s truly a shame she doesn’t participate in sports anymore; it would be a spectacle to witness her in action now with those 34J’s! But wait, there’s more to Leanne! Our queen of the hour is also a WWE wrestling enthusiast, and she openly confesses that John Cena tickles her fancy the most out of all the muscular gladiators.

Now, here comes the sassy bit! In this cheeky photoshoot, Leanne playfully experiments with a vintage bra, a kind of pointy hooter-harness that dames in the ’50s would tacitly conceal under their tight-fitting tops. Leanne divulges, “I always don a bra when I step outside. Sometimes, due to the sheer weight, I need to fasten on two bras. But on days when I’m just lounging at home, I prefer going sans bra or I opt for a comfy sports bra.” Did you know Leanne had the pleasure of meeting fellow busty Brits Michelle Bond and Charley Green and the Australian hottie Angela White during SCORE‘s escapade to St. Maarten? For a few blissful days, St. Maarten was transformed into an island paradise for busty dolls! If you’re keen on catching more of our striking queen, find her exclusively at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!

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