Holly Garner's thrilling Hardcore Holiday 3 is definitely a series not to be missed

Well, get ready for a stocking stuffer. Holly Garner is back for her third hardcore holiday installment at SCORELAND. The big question on everyone’s giddy little minds is, “Will she continue?” Honest answer…we’re not sure! It’s like trying to guess what’s in the wrapped box under the tree. You’ll have to click and see.

Now, let’s chat about this modeling biz a second. Ever been curious if a girl has ever leaped from simply flaunting the twins to getting downright dirty on camera? Like most of us, Dave Rosenbaum, the chief editor of SCORE magazine, can’t recall any such shocker. Even Maggie Green, who only posed topless initially, graduated to some bare-all-frame action before diving into X-rated stuff. The missing link here seems to be a bridge from topless photo shoots to some mild action, then the introduction of toys, leading up to girl-on-girl scenes before finally ending up in straight-up boy-girl play.

This situation isn’t quite the same when we talk about models who were total rookies but came in like a wrecking ball in hardcore scenes. Think Diana Eisley, Kelly Christiansen, and Tera Cox. However, Holly Garner stands us up at a crossroads with this third risqué scene at SCORELAND. Will she risk it for more steamy adventures? I guess it’s a game of wait and see.

Want more of Holly Garner? Yeah you do. Go ahead and click your way to more naughty fun at SCORELAND.COM! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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