Big Casey Deluxe boobs

A pretty face. Big, floppy breasts. Thick, protruding pussy lips. Ivory skin NOT covered in tattoos. Germany’s Casey Deluxe swings and shakes those big-nippled and pendulous mommy jugs, and some of that action is shot in slow-motion.

For some reason I don’t understand, German models like Casey are difficult to find. I once dubbed her “The Dresden Doll.” She’s one of the rare SCORE Girls we photographed before she got pregnant, during pregnancy and after she gave birth. This video was shot after she delivered her baby.

When she’s not being a mom or modeling, Casey reads romance novels. She doesn’t watch sports…thinks it’s boring. She said her fetish is filling her ass with butt plugs. Some of her followers send her pictures of themselves shooting a load on her pictures. Some girls might freak out at that, but not Casey.

“Many fans jerk to my pictures and want to show me how horny they are for me with these pictures,” she said. “I see it as a compliment and I’m happy about it when they show me their photos and videos.”

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