The slim, stacked, and shiny features of Rukhsana exude an unimaginable elegance

You know the kind of girls who seem to belong on those glossy car ads, or gracing car shows with their captivating allure? If settings like these come to mind when you think of Rukhsana, you’re not far off. Before the year 2006 when she joined SCORE, Rukhsana was a common sight at car conventions in England. However, we were the lucky draw. Sure, Rukhsana had this electrifying presence at those car exhibitions, always dressed in tight, figure-hugging outfits that left very little to the imagination. Yet, she never really revealed all her assets there. But for us, she did.

“Look, at the core, I’m a glamour model,” Rukhsana states, her voice resonating with conviction. “I never really fancied doing anything overly provocative. My passion lies in glamour and fitness modeling.” Now while Rukhsana didn’t exactly bare it all during her stint with us, her modeling prowess still made a significant impression. She made it pretty far in the 2006 SCORE Newcomer of the Year contest. She was third runner-up and I am convinced she could have been our wild card winner if she had been a tab bit more revealing. Here we had a true SCORE Girl: Slim and super-stacked with a dashingly beautiful face for good measure. It was a pleasant surprise to discover she’s British. Her Asian heritage lends some explanation to her exotic appeal.

Rukhsana’s body is a sight to behold. “In my previous life I used to be a competitive swimmer,” she reveals. “I keep an active lifestyle by working out at least four days a week at the gym. I don’t indulge in drinking or smoking and I watch my diet closely.” It seems this dedicated beauty has a goal to maintain her body fat at low levels while preserving those womanly curves that make her so desirable. Her secret? Fast music and more workouts. “My motto is to keep fit, train hard, rinse and repeat.” But not every day in the life of a model is all glitz and glamor. One memorable incident was when Rukhsana managed to put her foot through a sofa in the SCORE Studio. It’s safe to say, we forgave her. After all, she’s Rukhsana.

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