Pardon, but what exactly are you suggesting to insert into my rather sensitive posterior?

“Are you seriously suggesting to stick what up my where?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Amidst the excitement of the moment, I had to pause and raise an eyebrow at Stephanie Stalls. She was a knockout, sure, but she had this glint in her eyes that made it seem like she was always going for more. And now, she sure as heck was going for something. As I continued our conversation, she playfully threw back a question that left me amused. “Why do I always get the giants?” she asked with a grin. Note that by “giants,” she wasn’t just talking about your everyday tall and bulky dudes. No siree, her version of huge was…a bit more personal.

For some reason, Stephanie thought I had some influence over the nature of her men. “Because I know you can handle it,” I said, flashing her a knowing smirk. “And, honestly, you deserve it.” Her giggle echoed through the room, sending my heart aflutter. “Thanks,” she replied in a tone full of mischief before getting back to her misadventures. In this case, it involved making her already tight derriere ready for a little fun. And by fun, I mean “butt plug” fun or as we fondly labeled it – the ass stretcher.

Early on in the excitement, one of the men named Juan took on the task of…how should I put it…probing the area with a dildo. His ominous words still ring in my ears. He said, “My member’s the same size as this.” Stephanie just let out a boisterous laugh and challenged him with, “Oh, I think you’re exaggerating, but let’s see if I can take it.” She did take it, not like an amateur but like a goddess in her own realm. Her debut in the erotic industry was exclusively with us, making her kind of our own superstar, which we are incredibly proud about. Let’s just say, her first experience was quite the spectacle, very passionate and intense. We knew she could ace it and needless to say, she did. Want to delve deeper into the world of Stephanie Stalls? Head over to SCORELAND2.COM!

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