Jenn initially begins by tidying up but ultimately receives a gloriously messy facial

Cleaning up around the house can be quite the chore, especially when you’ve got unexpected company. However, for the provocatively appealing 40-something Jenn Cameron, company is never a nuisance but an exciting diversion. Dressed in her seductive uniform – a pair of tight shorts and a barely-there top that does little to hide her perky assets – Jenn busies herself with household chores, all under the avid gaze of a certain visitor. Discreet as he may try to be, his wandering eyes and quite obvious arousal are telling signs of his appreciation for Jenn’s enticing form. This naughty middle-aged mom is far from oblivious, however, and his feeble attempts at a cover-up only spark a mischievous glint in her eyes.

In a turn of events that’s straight out of every hot-blooded man’s wildest fantasies, Jenn takes a break from her cleaning duties and shifts her attention to her eager guest. Letting her sultry side shine through, she shows him just how much she appreciates his admiration. What ensues is a heated encounter that culminates in a rather messy conclusion for Jenn. As the man finally succumbs to his urges, the unplanned rendezvous leaves Jenn with quite the cleanup job.

Beyond her obvious allure and sensual prowess, Jenn has an intriguing set of interests. She reveals herself as a nurse and shares a handful of juicy tidbits about her past escapades. From surprising an online acquaintance with a steamy early morning treat to spending memorable nights with a young lover half her age – Jenn’s tales of her exciting escapades leave much to the imagination. Yet amidst all the naughtiness, she maintains a hint of mystery – an invitation to join her in her delightful adventures on 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM.

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