Chantal's mesmerizing eyes are located up there

Hello innocent bystander, ever had the audacious dream of getting boob-slapped by big bazooka-like breasts such as those of the alluring Chantal Raye? Well, here’s your chance to witness Chantal in an intimate escapade with a hung action-hero and his deep-dive pole. Starts off shoving it into her moist mouth, shoving past her pink pearly gates and right between her soft, cuddly mounds. But hey, don’t you worry, she’s not all take, she gives back too! In facct, she’s well-known for accepting gooey donations post their steamy sessions, getting her lips, tongue and mouth smeared. And boy oh boy, any dripping nectar onto her bosoms? She rubs them in as though it’s the only thing keeping her silky skin smooth.

Don’t let your excitement get to you though. Despite her seductively playful antics on screen, Chantal is a regular gal at heart. She enjoyed shooting hoops back in school and has a soft spot for bowling and pool games – a girl that could whip you at your favorite pub game, one hand on the beer and the other on the cue stick! Her choice of clothing? Nothing but boy shorts – her absolute favourite kind of bottoms. While she doesn’t hold any bizarre or unconventional fetishes, she’s a curious soul who wouldn’t reject any wild proposition if it seemed intriguing enough.

Surprisingly though, despite her naughty on-screen persona, Chantal isn’t much into self-indulgence. “That’s something I’ve never really done at all,” she admits, a hint of surprise in her tone. Yet, she’s had a few adventurous girls lend her a hand, literally. And guess what? She doesn’t parade her voluptuous curves when she’s in public. “I keep very well-covered. I’ll wear a sun dress or jeans and a nice blouse.” she says, quite contrary to her on-screen avatar, isn’t it? Even more shocking is the fact that Chantal doesn’t even model that often; it was more of a ‘try and see’ thing for her rather than a lifetime career choice. Oh well, the world is full of surprises isn’t it? Now go on, head over to See More of Chantal Raye at SCOREVIDEOS.COM! and give your imagination a wild ride.

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