The coed, who was notably adventurous, was excessively flirtatious

Meet Milly, the enchanting schoolgirl with a seductive edge, who’s pushing boundaries in an outfit that could only be considered appropriate at Porn High School. Miniskirt riding high, her halter top struggles to contain the overflowing roundness of her assets. Something is troubling Milly, a dilemma that requires immediate attention. “I’m having some trouble,” she confides in her teacher, equal parts innocent and coquettish.

The teacher, currently on his lunch break, rebuffs her request for extra help. That is until he decides to share his banana with her. The sharing of the fruit becomes the signal, it seems he’s now ready to aid poor Milly after all. He’s more than just willing; he’s eager to help. First by helping Milly out of her risqué school uniform and then by devouring the delight that is her big, natural bosom. Is this what we always suspected was happening behind closed classroom doors, but could never confirm?

Amid the scandalous escapade, Scoreland chimes in with a question, “What do you think about porn cock?” A little taken aback, she admits, “It’s scary, but it’s hot so it’s cool and it feels good.” When inquired if she enjoys watching her scenes on the adult site, she hesitates. It would seem too akin to hearing your own voice on voicemail—disconcerting. It’s far too odd for Milly to watch herself in action. However, if a lover expressed interest in viewing her perform, she’d be more than happy to share. As for her captivating breasts? She loves them, describing them as ‘nice and soft’.

In terms of sexual positions, Milly maintains she is relatively conservative in this department—she has tried the basics like missionary, doggy style, cowgirl and others. But she has a confession—the real spice lies not in the positions but rather the places where she enjoys sex. Broad daylight sex in parking lots? She’s into that. The riskiest place she’s had a romp? An eye-catching restaurant where blatantly obvious spectators walked by, but did nothing more than carry on with their day.

Steeped in scandal and teetering on the edge of naughty territory, Milly’s story redefines the unlikely fantasy delicately blurring the line between fantasy and reality. So why wait? Join Milly for more of her risqué adventures at MILLYMARKS.COM!

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