Maisie Lewis, a voluptuous mom, intimately engages with her boarder

Even though Maisie Lewis is a mature, 42-year-old mother from the United Kingdom, she’s got some frisky tricks up her sleeve. She’s recently single and trying to navigate the dating scene again. On one particular evening, she’s in a bit of a bind; she can’t decide what to wear for an upcoming date, so she decides to seek advice from someone she trusts. Who’s unlucky—or lucky, depending on your perspective? The guy renting a room from her!

But when she seeks his fashion advice, she isn’t exactly dressed for the occasion. In fact, her chosen ensemble is quite risqué—her cleavage on full display, donned in nothing but lingerie, stockings, and a garter belt. Her sudden appearance leaves her tenant absolutely gobsmacked. Noticing his shocked expression, Maisie coyly explains her situation: she’s hoping to get lucky tonight. And very quickly, her intentions become all too clear.

Why bother going out when there’s already a man in her home? This thought gives her a devilish idea. Before long, the two become entangled in an intimate tryst. Their encounter is wild and passionate—there’s no denying their chemistry. And that’s not the only surprise: Maisie shares with us that she always wears matching lingerie sets. Despite her seemingly insatiable appetite for sexual encounters, she maintains that she’s just your average woman-next-door, merely looking to enjoy herself from time to time. But don’t be fooled—by her definition, “from time to time” translates to three or four times a week. It seems ‘forever’ for her may just mean a day or two. If you’re curious about her other adventures, well, let’s just say she’s experimented with another woman… more than once

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