Sneakers with a foul odor - why do some shoes smell so bad?

In the world of foot fetish, some guys visit the club not to ogle at the typical sexy moves on the dance floor but to hunt for the girl with the most vigorous dance moves. Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple! The girl who dances the hardest likely has the sweatiest feet, and that’s a jackpot for foot lovers. One lucky chap named Nikki spots a mocha-skinned hip-hop queen with some serious potential. He knows she needs a proper foot rubdown, so he promptly unlaces her stinky high tops and slathers her peds with cream. As his rough hands work their magic on her sensitive soles, Nikki’s inhibitions vanish, and she ends up baring it all on the dingy club floor with her feet up in the air, ready for his caresses. The erotic tension escalates, leading both our foot-loving hero and Nikki to strip down completely. His throbbing cock yearns for some vigorous rubbing and tugging until it finally explodes, coating Nikki’s soles with a steamy, hot load.

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