The enchanting phenomenon commonly referred to as Morning Wood is particularly intriguing

The morning holds a special kind of excitement, a joy only the early risers can truly appreciate. More so, when you’re greeted by morning wood. An experience that can be described as the purest form of ecstasy. And this randomness, this unpretentious friskiness of nature, should never go to waste. The gist of it, the absolute core, is best known by Sara. A brunette with sultriness in her eyes and a passionate heart. Her mornings are more than just the chirping of birds or the warmth of the sun. They are about the feel of her boyfriend’s morning glory under her touch.

Being a naughty creature of love that she is, Sara savors this tryst to the fullest. She loves the sensation of rolling over on her bed and tracing her pretty feet all over his morning glory. It’s exciting, it’s exhilarating, it’s their thing. She unwraps his manhood from its cozy encasement and gets creative with her footwork. The feeling of him going hard under her smooth soles and the gentle tickle of her toes caressing his nether regions are ecstasy to her. He grows harder, bolder while she lays back offering him the most intimate part of her – her foot-pussy. She loves the feel of him humping her arches over and over, his warm skin against her feet drives her crazy.

But like all good things, it has to end eventually. When he is ready to finish, she offers up her feet, enjoying the sensation of his release on her soles. A naughty grin spreads on her face as she puts her toes in her mouth, tasting every bit of him from her feet. Coffee? Who needs that when you can have such a stimulating start to your day? To each their own, but for Sara, the perfect way to kickstart her day is a footjob and a good old dick sandwiched between her lovely feet. Want to experience more of Sara’s naughty escapades? Head to NAUGHTYFOOTJOBS.COM and let your desires take flight. You’ll be thanking us later for sure.

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