The radiant bride is making her grand entrance

Well, well, well, here comes the bride! That’s the enticing thought running through the mind of many fellas when they think of that special day. Let’s be honest, guys, the image of your dream girl, still clad in her captivating wedding gown and bridal veil on your honeymoon bed isn’t just exciting, it’s downright titillating!

Meet Nila Mason. Her big day is drawing near, but there’s an even bigger, sizzling night on the horizon. Behold her in the bedroom mirror, dolling herself up. Decked out in a figure-hugging bridal gown so tight and low-cut, it’s almost scandalous. You’d think you’re dreaming of cream when you see her, any lower and we’d have a full-on nipple slip during the ceremony. The groom-to-be, Angelo, is shaking with anticipation, barely containing his excitement to get his hands on his bride’s ripe, alluring curves. Can’t blame him; he practically pounces into the bedroom, ring in hand, ready to christen their love.

But hey, they’ve got a few spare moments before they make it official. Old wives’ tales be damned; it’s actually quite lucky to see your bride before exchanging vows. Angelo and Nila have a little pre-ceremony taster session. Instead of waiting to feed each other wedding cake, Nila offers Angelo her erect nipples and Angelo reciprocates with his stiff… erm, let’s call it enthusiasm. Before anyone can say “I do”, there they are in their wedding bed, taking an early honeymoon ride. Angelo gives Nila an ardent romp she’ll never forget while she satisfies his hunger with her soft curves, irresistible lips and enticingly tight intimacy. So here you have it folks; here “cums” the bride… and the groom too!

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