Desire showcases her provocative new hobby: performing oral sex on-camera

Hey! Can you handle Desire’s new risqué hobby? Believe it or not, she has taken to scandalously treating the world to her oral skills on-camera. The active, outdoorsy Arizona-based lady in her fifties is now showing us how she performs a rather tantalizing form of fishing. But let’s be clear, it’s not your typical angling, so get ready for a show. What really caught our attention, though, are the astonishingly adept skills she’s packing. Click here if you dare to take a peek at Desire’s new antic!

Uh-huh, her name is Desire Collins. Halfway through her fifties and newly single, she possesses an addicting flare for extracurricular shenanigans. Now, while we’re not focusing on her actual fishing abilities here (as much as we appreciate the vista of her derriere when she goes to pick something off of her nightstand), it’s hard to overlook how expertly she uses her hands and mouth to fish Carlos’s package out from its confines. And trust me, this isn’t her first rodeo. She’s got that skill polished to a shine. But, oh boy, this is definitely her debut performing the act on-camera. She’s even up for a pleasant dessert afterward, and all in front of the lens.

“I should’ve kicked off with this years ago!” Desire confessed. Over time, many suggested she should try out modeling but it never appealed to her. As she approached this age, someone made a different suggestion: ‘Why not just go for it?’ So when she spotted an advertisement, she thought: ‘You know what? I’m just gonna take the plunge.’ And so she did and voilà–today we have her here. All set to go… fishing… for rooster, that is. And boy, did she snag a whopper! And if you’re craving more of Desire Collins’ sensually audacious fishing excursions, check out her full gallery at MILFTUGS.COM!

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