Bird Mara is an intriguing character from London

Meet London’s latest sweetheart, Mara. This saucy chick decided to take a bold leap and applied for a modeling gig with our London studio. She’s anything but ordinary, folks. Now, you might be wondering why we’d be so taken with this spunky lady. Well, it has everything to do with her eye-catching proportions. She’s not your typical model in the sense that she parades around a 38-24-36 measurement. Hands up if those statistics aren’t enticing!

Now don’t get me wrong, her bust may not be the amplest by our *SCORE* standards. But let me tell you, what she lacks in size, she more than makes up for with a captivating presence. Our stylish brunette has a knack for turning heads wherever she goes. And in front of the camera? Wow! Mara is photogenic in the real sense of the word. Unfortunately, this is the only set we have of her in our archive. Yes, just like most girls we’ve worked with, she showed up, struck a pose, and then off she went, leaving us with only these tantalizing images.

But hey, wouldn’t you want to see more of our lovely London bird? I bet you would! Guess what? You can feast your eyes on more of Mara at SCORECLASSICS.COM! Be warned though, once you hop onto this ride, there’s no guarantee you’d want to get off.

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