It was a sunny day, indeed a good day to park it

Well, aren’t you in for a wonderful surprise? You see there’s a striking, curvaceous damsel over there, innocent yet alluring, leafing through a glossy magazine while she waits for her bus. You can’t help but notice her – she stands out from everything else. Oh, my word, just look at those curves, especially her breasts! Look at Linsey, sitting there because she’s waiting for her vehicle to be buffed up and pampered. So, she’s relying on the bus to journey through town today. And it seems like she may have quite a wait ahead of her. Embarrassing, isn’t it?

You can’t help but wonder why there isn’t a mob of guys, queuing around the block, eager to transform into her personal driver. Now that’s food for thought! Just imagine being in her shoes right now – stuck at the bus stop, watching the minutes tick away. What could she possibly do to kill time? And then there’s you – what exactly are you going to do? Lounging around a bus stop isn’t exactly rocket science, now is it? But it’s dreadfully yawn-inducing.

Well, it seems Linsey may have a solution. She’s going to try to liven up the wait; make the mundane exciting. How you may ask? Watch and see for yourself. She’s got some tricks up her sleeve. You’ll both be on your way to wherever you’re going in no time. With Linsey keeping you company, perhaps your ordinary day might just turn extraordinary? Only time will tell. If you’re intrigued enough and want to see more of Linsey Dawn McKenzie, just head over to LINSEYSWORLD.COM! Who knows what excitement awaits?

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