Miss O'Neil, a skilled professional, is now ready to ensure you are thoroughly cleansed

Hey, got a minute? Check this out. You must take note of the spectacular Miss O’Neil. Her specialty? Well, let’s just say she’ll leave you rather…dry. Stirring up curiosity? You can get the full scoop right here. And just so you can get a teeny, tiny glimpse of the bombshell that is Miss O’Neil, here’s a little  something.

Now, if you happen to know any curvaceous receptionists who have a striking resemblance to Brittany O’Neil and happen to be as adventurous as Brittany here in our SCORE video, we’re all ears! Don’t keep us hanging, share their names and contact info ASAP! You can reach us at BeASCOREModel.com. Spoiler Alert: Brittany’s not just about thrilling visuals; she’ll personally ensure your temperature skyrockets with her two hands, ample assets and some slippery lube until you’re erupting like an oil gusher. Oh, and it’s going to be a messy cleanup at the end, but don’t worry, it’s all part of the fun!

Interested in knowing how Brittany initiates the dance of intimacy in her personal life? “It can either way,” she says, her eyes glinting slyly. “It’s a give and take, really. Or sometimes, I’ll catch him off guard while he’s just sitting there, casually unzipping his pants and grabbing his manhood. But mostly I like to get things heated by seductively crawling into his lap and teasing him.” However, she debunks any myths about her being a size queen. “For all you guys out there, don’t stress about the size. It’s all in how you do it. Trust me on this,” she winks at the mention of technique. Also, she wishes to break the stereotype that porn stars are always wild and outrageous. Meeting Brittany would mean meeting a woman who is poised, gracious and an embodiment of class, with the only exception revealing itself when you’re sharing sheets with her.

To see more of this sexy siren’s adventures, hustle over here. Welcome to a world where Brittany O’Neil rules!

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