The elegantly dressed French maid is a highly sought after character in popular culture

Oh, you naughty thing! You know you want to click here and feast your eyes on a hottie dressed as a French Maid. Oh, I bet the mere thought has your heart pounding, doesn’t it? And wait until you get a load of this picture! Yeah, that’s right, look at her! Isn’t she just the most heavenly French maid you’ve ever seen?

If that picture didn’t get you fired up, wait until you hear about this saucy scene from the DVD/video Ultimate Autumn. Our little French maid, Autumn, steps into your hotel room that you’ve made a downright pigsty of with your filthy habits. But despite your horrible room-keeping skills, she’s here to clean up after your mess (though it doesn’t really look all that bad). And boy, she’s ever so casually letting her ample bosom spill out of her girly tiny maid outfit. It’s like a dream, ain’t it? I mean, seriously – it’s hard to believe Autumn is as stacked as she looks here, but hey, seeing is believing. And she knows how to flirt and tease without losing that innocent sparkle in her eyes. The level of boob and naughty bits play is…let’s just say it leaves jaws on the floor.

By now I know you’re dying to see more of this tantalizing French maid action, so here’s something special for you – many fans say this is the cheekiest scene Autumn has ever done! Even better than her steamy stint with a hunky “Sargeant Stud”. So why not jump right in and witness all the wildness yourself? Don’t make a mistake and miss out on this opportunity, just click here to see more of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!

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