The fanciful schoolgirl named Amber Angel, notoriously known as Braceface, encounters intimate relations on her teacher's desk

Amber Angel, a schoolgirl sporting her signature brace face look, finds herself entangled in an unexpected tryst. She’s a schoolgirl with a reputation for being a model student, but lately, her academic performance has taken a nosedive. Her teacher, observant and ever so curious, takes note of this sudden decline. Searching for answers, he confronts Amber about her deteriorating grades. With a heavy sigh, she shares with him the recent turbulence in her personal life: she just ended things with her boyfriend.

Little does Amber know that the old saying “one nail drives out another” is about to play out in her life – and quite literally at that. Her teacher, armed with years of experience and a not-so-secret crush on Amber, seizes the opportunity to explore his own fantasies. He becomes her unlikely comforter, her teacher playing the student’s role – learning and exploring her every bend while on his own desk. Their rendezvous continues, their desires escalating into an all-encompassing affair. Amber’s ex-boyfriend quickly becomes a blurry memory as she gets lost in the thrall of her big-dicked teacher. Their scandalous secret remains hidden behind closed classroom doors.

Unfortunately for Amber, her newfound romantic escapade does nothing to improve her grades. If anything, it only makes her more distracted. As she succumbs to the lure of forbidden fruit, her focus shifts from textbooks to her teacher’s smoldering gaze. Whatever chance Amber had of forgetting her ex is now overshadowed by the throbbing reality of her new infatuation; who just so happens to be grading her assignments too. You can catch more of Amber Angel’s tantalizing adventure at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!

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