Bea York presents her latest piece, Plump Friction, filled with dark humor and cunning satire

So, there I was, lying in bed, engrossed in a TV show, when I heard the sultry voice of Bea York. She called out to me from the other room, asking which outfit she should wear to dinner. I couldn’t care less at that moment; the TV show had my full attention. That was until I happened to glance up and catch sight of Bea in her figure-hugging lingerie. As you can imagine, my mind was instantly aflutter.

Bea’s generous curves were spilling out of her lingerie, and I felt a wave of desire wash over me. Like an eager bee to a blossoming flower, I found myself clamping a lip-lock on Bea’s perky nipples and suckling away. Not wasting any more time, I stripped out of my clothes faster than an escape artist can free himself from a straight jacket. I pointed my throbbing member towards Bea, who looked as excited as I felt. She wasted no time in taking me into her mouth, her tongue sensually caressing me. Taking off her remaining pieces of clothing except for her heels, I slid my fingers and then my tongue into her cleanly shaven pussy.

If you thought we were heading out for dinner, you’re mistaken. There was no way dinner plans were going to get in the way of the passion that was rapidly rising between us. Bea removed her shoes and carefully positioned herself over me, her juicy body descending onto my hardened dick. Her large breasts bounced tantalizingly up and down as she rode me with abandon. Switching positions, she faced me and invited me back inside her. Her desire filled eyes and eager body language signaled her readiness for more intimate action. She was more interested in our heated lovemaking than the prospect of dinner outside. It’s true, when you have a sizzling beauty like Bea York at your disposal, satisfying carnal desires always takes precedence!

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