Danielle's SCORE sexplosion

In 2005, Danielle Derek did her first hardcore scene ever, for the movie SCORE Sexplosion. The scene starts with her in the pool, wearing a tiny bikini that her tits are busting out of. Meanwhile, a gardener is working on her bushes. She has her eyes on him, so when she gets out of the pool, she asks him to bring her a towel. She has him oil her up, and before long, he’s feeling up her tits and she’s sucking and fucking his dick. A lot of this scene takes place outside. It was a very impressive debut and a sign of things to come for Ms. Derek.

A lot has happened since then. Danielle has fucked a lot of cocks. Taken a lot of dick in her ass. Super-sized her tits, too. So when Danielle made her most-recent visit to SCORELAND in 2019, we decided to reprise that scene from SCORE Sexplosion, this time with JMac.

When the scene opens, Danielle is wearing a slingshot bikini and sunning herself by the pool. JMac, who’s working on the pool, recognizes her. She calls him over, and he tells her that the scene in SCORE Sexplosion was his favorite. She’s flattered, so flattered that she lets him play with her ginormous tits, so flattered that she sucks his dick (outside, just like last time), so flattered that she gives him a great tit-fuck (again, outdoors) and takes him inside for a fuck.

Watching both scenes side-by-side, it’s impossible not to notice the differences. Danielle was a very good cock-sucker back then but she’s even better now, making those gargling, gagging sounds, going deeper and getting the cock a lot wetter with her saliva. Her tits are substantially larger now. She’s a better fuck, too, doing it in much-more acrobatic positions (thanks in part to JMac). But one thing hasn’t changed: She’s as much into fucking now as she was back then, impressive considering she’s probably fucked hundreds of cocks in the intervening years.

By the way, this was Danielle’s first scene after super-sizing her rack for, I believe, the fourth time. Two things she’s always been into: big tits and big dicks. She definitely found her calling back in 2005.

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