Chantal and the humorous Ass Man share a unique bond

Allow me to introduce you to Chantal Raye and The Ass Man’s dramatic scene. Without hesitating, Chantal dives into the hard talk with Al, asking him point-blank if he wants to explore her derriere. Can you imagine that as your ice breaker on a first date? It would certainly leave no time for munching on popcorn. “Is it tight?” queries Al. Chantal assures him, it’s “nice and tight”, practically inviting him to ascertain for himself. In a daring move, she moves aside her playful polka-dot undies allowing Al to get a feel with his fingertips.

There’s no doubt about it, Chantal is ready for action! But there’s a small catch. First, she craves some cock in her mouth and nestled in her bosom. Placing her ample bosom atop his legs, she goes in for a hand-free blowjob with his member nestled between her breasts, providing a sight to behold! However, she has a stipulation; she wants her womanhood attended to before Al proceeds to the off-limits territory.

While many experienced models might as well have a “no entrance” sign on their behinds, Chantal breaks the tradition. She boldly invites Al to venture where others have yet dared, all in the pursuit of her pleasure. Her only condition? She must be kept moist. Chantal is an epitome of femininity, who openly loves having a dick between her big, fat breasts. If I were to guide a rookie photographer into the world of adult-themed photography, Chantal’s seductive set would undoubtedly be on my reference list!

You can enjoy this amazingly tantalizing scene of Chantal Ray at SCORELAND2.COM by following the embedded link. It’s titillating and naughty, just how you like it!

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