Emma, a baby-faced, flat-chested teenager, persistently masturbates at the age of 18

Meet the precocious Emma, an 18-year-old girl with a youthful face and a flat chest! You won’t believe this but the girl just can’t seem to keep her hands off herself. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s well grown, all 18 springs accounted for, but alas! The bra is a cavern on her petite frame. But does it stop her from indulging in her insatiable curiosity? Absolutely not!

You see, Emma developed a rather peculiar pastime. She often rummages through her mom’s lingerie stash, trying on the lacy stuff for pure unadulterated joy. There’s one hiccup though. Her boobs haven’t quite filled in yet – the bras all but disappear on her. I tell ya’, it’s a sight! She giggles, looking at herself in the mirror with those saggy, oversized cups on her small chest. Is she embarrassed? Nah, she relishes those moments. She even said that she liked the way her mom’s panties and thongs looked on her. As for bras, she’ll have to stick to the A-cups and lacy bralettes.

Now here’s where things start getting juicy. With a coy little grin, she confessed that sometimes she would dab her mom’s lipstick on her nipples. Apparently, the fiery red contrasted with her pale skin and made them pop out like cherries. Now you’re probably thinking that’s amusingly peculiar, right? Well, hold on to your horses because that’s not all. This audacious teenager had the nerve to hook up with one of her mom’s boyfriends. You heard it right! The guy walked in on her, parading around in her mom’s underwear. And then… well, let’s just say things got heated really quickly. She recounted how he had gone down on her, his head disappearing between her legs as she stood clad in her mom’s saggy bra. She even described how spellbound she was, watching the heated scene unfold in the mirror. Naughty, naughty Emma!

But hey, that’s Emma for you! A rebellious spirit with a flair for the risqué. If you are intrigued and want to know more about this saucy teenager’s scandalous adventures, log on to NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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